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swanneshals ([personal profile] swanneshals) wrote2010-02-20 11:50 am
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The Children of Llyr

The Swans, they sang this morning—
Their voices loud as bells.

Their feathers catching sunlight
As each of them fell
And in their frantic rushes
Of white and silver rain,
I could have sworn by gods above
That I heard her name;
And later by the waterside
In the silence of the lake,
I thought I heard her quiet voice
Singing of that
But in the half-light, just near dusk
That ill forgotten tune
Reminded me of why I came
That I might leave too soon.
Only just as the light faded
And the tune within that light
Did I, forgetting time of day,
Surrender to the night.
 The Swans, they sang this morning—
All four by the lake.
“Nine hundred years of punishment
Is all that I can take.”

© Alix S.

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